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Dear Katharine, I’m so very sorry to hear about Jeannie’s passing. I consider her (and you) one of my oldest friends from home and have so many amazing memories that we all made together during the earliest years. We had so much fun back then - thru thick and thin - and I will always remember laughing a lot w/ Jeannie and you as well. It’s hard to think of the old Larchmont ‘hood w/out thinking of the Collotons - your family had quite the presence there. I remember one of the first times I met Jeannie, she had come our home one Saturday morning to share what she had consumed for breakfast. She proceeded to tell my parents that she has just eaten four eggs and 2 pieces of toast. She was about 4 or 5 years old at that time. It was a blow to me though because I refused to eat any eggs (hated them!) and I remember my Dad telling me that she was a “big girl” for cleaning her plate and eating well. I was a terrible eater and this little kid came into my kitchen and put me to shame! Lol 😂 I think there was a bit of an exaggeration going on but Jeannie’s ability to embellish was always very impressive to those listening to her great story telling - even from a young age!

Then there was all the great summer time fun we had at Orienta in the early years and then working at Beach Point w/ you, Jeannie, Meg and Carole. I don’t think I can ever be in that section of Mam’k and not think of the fun and games we played back then. It wasn’t work - it was fun... and Jeannie and I were the ice cream girls. I remember when we drove to PA to visit you at Rosemont college for the weekend. Yikes! We had such a great ride down and back - I think that was the best part of that trip. Jeannie was so easy to talk with and we never ran out of subject matter to discuss. We laughed so much about everything - we shared so many memories growing up. And all the mischief making we got into (creative minds that needed an outlet is how I prefer to classify it today!) was epic and drove our collective parents absolutely nuts. We were young, wild and free. Maybe a bit dangerous but still harmless. I only wish I had a chance to see Jeannie again and catch up on all those great memories. I’m very sad to hear that she is gone.... I can only imagine she was the best kind of mother to her twin girls. She had such a maternal instinct from a very young age. She truly adored kids and babysitting all the little ones. Some people are natural mothers - I have no doubt that’s what Jeannie was to her kids. Again, I’m so very sorry for your loss. I know how much you loved Jeannie and how close you two always were. You were a great big sister to her and you always looked out for her well being and took such great pride in being her sister. That’s what I remember most about the two of you - the bond was always very tight and the love was strong.. I wish I had some photos to post but I was never big on taking pictures growing up. The memories are still very fresh in my mind though. Please give my condolences and deepest sympathies to Edmund and Andrew too.


It was really good for us to meet you and Jeannie last July ,thank you for your support and we will always remember.

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I met Jeannie the summer of 2012 when I photographed Kayla and Madeline for their senior portraits and the Brooks family for a holiday card. In 201, I took photographs of Randall and Jeannie together. Special moments, all of them!

My most treasured memories of Jeannie center on our wonderful walks and talks on Main Street. I feel lucky to be able to call her my friend.

Forever, with love,



I was very saddened to hear about Jeannie. As we all cross paths with others throughout ours lives, meeting Jeannie for the first time you never forget and with her wonderful smile!

Rarely do you meet and get to know such a quality human being. Always pleasant, helpful, positive and just a really super terrific lady! The world needs more like her! A real kind and gentle person! She will be missed for sure! God Bless all of you and know you now have your own special angel to watch over you! A wonderful special lady!


Jeannie has always been a live-wire! And the love that she shared throughout her life was well represented in the Memorial Service today. I only wish I could have known her better as an adult.

One memory that is likely unique to me is very special...and a predictor of Jeannie's outgoing love of life for the rest of her life! When Jeannie was about three years old, her Uncle Bill Colloton and I came to New York for a visit. We lived in California and thought it would be fun to bring the kids gifts that we purchased in Mexico. I really don't remember what we gave the others, but Jeannie received a Mexican style little dress, complete with ruffles. It happened to be white, and she immediately declared that it was her wedding dress! (See, Randall, even then she was preparing to be your Mrs.!)

I loved Jeannie's delight in her girls -- she was faithful to send me pictures every Christmas and there was a mother's love always present.

Thank you for including Cliff and me in this lovely celebration of Jeannie's life. She will surely be missed by so many. I am delighted to know that, because we share faith in Jesus Christ, I will get to share a hug with her once again!!

With love to all the family,


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We mourn the loss of Jeannie. Warm, welcoming, down to earth and genuine. May family and friends find comfort in her memory.


The first time I met and conversed with Jeannie Brooks, I came away from that encounter thinking “This is One Classy Lady”. Every subsequent interaction only served to allow this observation to strengthen and grow.

The definition of “classy” is somewhat elusive. I once asked an older man, a man whose wisdom o sometimes seek, how to describe “classy”. His response was “It is not something easily described, yet you will know it when you see it”. Question answered.

The years that I have known Jeannie, she has worked in the real estate profession. This is a business known for strife, jealousy, posturing, ego and less than fully transparent dealings. Based on my observations, Jeannie NEVER let any of these factors interfere with her helping her clients to make the best decision for them. Honesty, detail orientation, concern, compassion and professionalism have instead been her trademark. I do not believe I know a more grounded realtor, or human being, than Jeannie Brooks.

Small towns, such as Ridgefield, are rife with gossip and back stabbing. Instead of engaging in these hurtful activities, Jeannie has instead gone in the direction of caring about people, animals and the community at large. Being a good wife and attentive mother, since having become both, have been her passion and life’s work. The results are obvious.

I am proud to know that Jeannie considers me to be a friend. I cannot imagine having a finer person as a friend.

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A sunny, memorable and fun day on the water with a sweet, loving friend (August 2019).

Godspeed, until we meet again.

Love you girl.

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Kathy, I’m so sorry to hear of Jeannie’s passing and so appreciate you reaching out to friend me recently. Jeannie will forever bring a smile to my lips and make me laugh out loud. She was SO FUNNY and we shared a common sense of humor that really was special and made for some wonderful memories. Seriously I think I cried laughing w/ Jeannie more than any other person I’ve ever known. I’ve got (bittersweet) tears in my eyes right now remembering some of the silly and hilarious things we’d do together.

I remember other more mundane things, as well, like how she hated tuna fish unless it was absolutely PULVERIZED. And when she showed me the oh so clever technique of combining vanilla ice cream with...wait for it...OREOS!! 🤪 And when we traveled to Rosemont to visit you...and tour the campus of course ... and never saw the inside of a classroom but did meet some guy named Ted (a total babe!) whose picture i kept and lied to everyone in my freshman year of college that he was my BF! I could go on and on and on.

I last reached out to Jeannie on FB a few years ago, just to say hey I think when your Dad passed(?), but sadly that’s about all the contact we’ve had since HS. What a pity and no one’s fault but what a pity given how much joy she gave me during some kinda very tough years (HS really sucks in so many ways...).

And YOU, my dear. I just told my husband - God’s honest truth - that I think of you nearly EVERY TIME I FOLD LAUNDRY because for some reason I remember that you liked to fold the family laundry. I have an indelible image in my head of you in your tv room off the kitchen folding laundry and not letting or wanting anyone else to help. Funny the things you remember.

I have a sister named Jean, who I’m very close to. Sisters are better than gold. I’m certain she remembers Jeannie (and some people used to call Jean “Jeannie,” which had the effect of injecting your awesome sister in my thoughts at totally random moments). Again, it’s the laughs that Jean will remember of the times she was with Jeannie and me - Jeannie and I were actually quite funny when we got together. It is my sincerest wish for you that when you think of your beloved sister, you will hear the same laugh that I will always remember, and that that will simply and forever bring you the same pure joy and laughter her memory brings to me. And that it hugs your heart ❤️.


RIP Jeannie


Dear Randall, Kayla , Madeline, Ed, Kath, Andy, and all Jeannie's many friends,

We wish to express our deepest sympathy for the passing of Jeannie. She was truly one of a kind, a very special, loving person, with a big and kind heart and spirit, so much like her Mom . My memories of Jeannie at our thanksgiving holidays , beach vacations, and other family get-togethers, I hold dear. She will be so greatly missed.

We send you all our love and support, in memory of Jeannie.

with much love,

Paul, Mary and Juliet


Reed; fantastic work with this website!


My thoughts and prayers are with you as you move through this time of grief. I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending love, Sue

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I am sipping a cup of tea in memory of dear Jeanne as I write this note. I am so grateful that Jeanne was a part of my life and my families when both our families were young and growing up. I enjoyed many cups of tea (and wine!) with Jeanne in the day and it was always just a bit more soothing and special at the Brook’s home because of the great company.

I met Jeanne when our babies were young. She really was the brightest, kindest and most down to earth person I met when first coming to the area. She was wicked funny and smart, which I loved, and of course, Dave and I loved Randall too and it was just always the best time when we were with the Brooks. Jeanne and I discovered the things we shared when it came to growing up in New York, being a part of a big Irish family and all the joys, stories, rules and memories that came with that.

Jeanne was a wonderful friend and confidante. She was always so supportive. I will never forget how when we talked about our children, our families and friends, she was always a patient listener, ready with a wise word, thought and surely a good joke thrown in for good measure and she always let me in on the best advice she got in her beloved parenting group that I could never get to. Those normal, uneventful days, around the kitchen counter, feeding the kids and talking were the best.

There were so many memories and fun times. From the days in Newcomer’s going to all the family and couple events, holiday parties at the Brooks, Family Halloween Parties at the Parks, girlfriend birthday lunches, Holiday Strolls, being privileged to share in many extended family gatherings and especially the long, lazy summers days at PVRA pool club, swim meets and hanging out with our kids and sharing those days together.

One particularly great memory was a Jimmy Buffet Concert road trip where we christened the Park’s new mini-van with Jeanne, Randall and Aunt Kathy, decorating the car and doing our best to keep up with all the parrot heads during a great tailgate and concert in Great Woods, MA. Those were the days!

Dear Randall, Kayla and Madeline, please know that myself, Dave, Thomas, Sean and Elizabeth have you in our thoughts and prayers and we will never forget sweet Jeanne. She was the best of the best...May she rest in eternal peace and joy.

“May the Road Rise up to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sunshine warm upon your face, May the rain fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand” - An Irish Blessing

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Jeannie and I met through Newcomers in 1995-1996ish. These were the days of play groups, parades on Main Street, bunco, parties and a fun cast of characters. She was kind, generous, beautiful and she loved to giggle. A lot!

We all had so much fun at Jeannie and Randall’s, especially at the infamous tattoo party. Great food, cheer and music...that was the norm at 14 Loren Lane. There were endless summer days at the pool...swim meets, the kids running around, snacks and drinks under the tree with Jeannie and her mom...I’ll never forget Jeannie and I standing together at a swim meet when another mom approached us and asked if I was pregnant, which of course I wasn’t! Jeannie and I laughed about that together for the rest of the summer, as she tried to convince me that I didn’t look like I was was just a long few months of snacks and drinks at the pool, ha ha!

When the kids got a little older, Jeannie quietly took me out to look at houses in Ridgefield. I think we both knew, deep down, that Dave and I would never actually buy any of the homes she showed me, but we sure had such fun looking and giggling...and dodging people we knew along the way.

Randall, Madeline and Kayla...Dave, Will, Charlie and I send our deepest condolences to you. Jeannie always had her priorities in order and had so much love in her heart as a phenomenal wife and mother. Her love for you and pride in you was immeasurable. Jeannie and I had a secret perfume back in the day-I will always wear it and it will remind me of her and endless summertime. And we will never forget the good old days. God bless you all and god bless Jeannie in heaven. Love, Heather B.


I only knew Jeannie through my store. She would come in and make casual conversation with my Mom and I. She was always positive and always told stories about her girls. When my Mom passed away, Jeannie offered the sweetest most comforting words. I’ll never forget her kindness, I’m so sorry for your loss. I will always remember her pretty smile and bright eyes. You now have an angel watching over you. With love, Tina Hassenstein


Leah and I send our deepest condolences to the family. It has been a true pleasure to have been able to be involved in your lives.

Sailing with you guys is always so much fun and will not be the same with out her.

She will be missed by everyone that had a chance to get to know her. We will keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers.

Love Leah and David Dillman


Please accept my deepest condolences in the loss of Jeannie. She was such a caring person and a great mother. I enjoyed the time I spent working with her in the Girl Scout troop when the girls were young. My prayers are with you and I celebrate that we will all meet again in Heaven.


I just loved Jeannie. She and I sat next to each other at Pitt. Jeannie loved to dress! Another fashion diva! Always tasteful and professional. Jeannie was a class act. Such a good person. I'm so sorry for your loss. She's in Heaven selling real estate with mom, Teri.🙏


We met in the Beachwalk pool while on spring break with our ver young children. Our mothers lived in the same Naples community. We also both lived in Ridgefield, but for years, the only time we ever bumped into each other was in that pool. It always made us laugh and many years later, we finally began to see each other around town. It was our little joke. I will miss you. To Randall, Kayla and Madeline, my deepest sympathy and heartfelt prayers.


Jeannie and I worked at Sotheby’s together, (her desk was in front of mine)!

Jeannie was a true professional with the upmost integrity!

Jeannie’s smile and soft words would light up the room, she sparkled!

Kindhearted and beautiful inside and out. I am heartbroken for her family, who she always put first.

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Thank you so much for sharing your life me/us.

June 24, 2020


So saddened to hear about Jeannie's passing. She was a true lady, so classy, kind, and loving. Sending prayers to the Brooks family. May memories comfort you and faith heal you.

- Kerry Anne


So sorry to hear of this terrible loss. Prayers go out to Randall and the family. Words fail, but I am sure that you will celebrate this live.


Dear sweet Jeannie,

You were always so gracious when we saw you on holidays and birthdays at Eve and Ed's. When I think of you, I think of a lovely welcoming smile and fun easy conversation. You were a great support at one time in particular when I wasn't sure I would make it through the toddler years. You said, "It gets better" at one of the gatherings. (It did!) Those three simple words really helped me.

Sending so much love and peace your way.


We all need a friend who will pick us up when we are going through difficult times. Jeannie was that friend to me. Her wisdom, strength, and compassion have gotten me through dark times. I valued her intellect and called on her often to help me with challenging decisions. She was a fighter, and I relied on her strength when I didn’t have any. I believe many of us, if given the diagnosis she was given, would have been too afraid to move on from it, but she quickly realized, “If you want to lift up yourself, lift someone else up.” I am going to miss you, my dear friend.


A Few Jeannie Stories - with love

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Dear Jeannie,

We are so grateful to John and Kathy because, among other things, almost 18 years ago they introduced us to you and Randall at their wedding rehearsal dinner. Joan and I were immediately struck by the genuine kindness and warmth from you and Randall. As then, so it is now. Every time we have been together since, especially when the “kids” are included, that same feeling of love and warmth is rekindled. Together, we have watched our children grow to amazing young men and women, each and every one. It makes me so happy when one reaches out to another.

Love always,

Dwight & Joan

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Dearest Aunt Jeannie,

This photo was from one of your visits to California. We all were all so happy on Outward Bound, perhaps heeling over too much into the bay!

I will so miss having you in my life. I wish we could have had more time together and been able to take more selfies and gather more stories. I know that one day we will be together again, and we will paint together on the beach with a warm cup of tea.

I love you so very much.


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Hi Jeannie - Just wanted to let you and your family know that you are such a dear friend. You are so special and are loved by all of us!!! We have shared so many wonderful memories and momentous events together from all our 40 years of friendship. Just to name a few: Holy Child prom & graduation, Rosemont, bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, birthday gatherings in NYC, dinner parties and sharing many stories about our kids! I value our friendship; you are so thoughtful, always listening, providing encouraging sentiments and cheering us up when going through challenging times.

I'm sending along just a couple of pictures from some of our funnier dinner parties at Coeli's (don't recall why we were in the trunk of a car but I think it had to do with jelly shots), your house (we uncovered Coeli keeps laughing cow cheese in her purse to snack on) and my house (tiki torch fire).

I'm thinking of you everyday and sending you my love and prayers. Please give Jeannie a big hug for me!!! XXOO Sharon


Dear Jeannie, Randall, Kayla and Madeline,

I have so many fond memories of holiday dinners and family in particular comes to mind...the whole Colloton/Brooks family was beginning Christmas dinner, seated at your beautifully festive dining room table..after saying blessings, Eve and Ed shared the news that Eve was pregnant!.... a round of congratulations and much happiness and joy.., and then I got to share my secret, that I was pregnant as well!! A double whammy good news !! it turns out, it wasn't really that much of a secret that evening, a least not to Jeannie, because she later told me that she had a pretty good hunch I was pregnant, because when we arrived at your house, and was offered a beer or something to eat, I immediately declined the alcohol but was STARVING! I guess that was enough to tip you off, Jeannie :)

It was a wonderful holiday, as were so many that we shared!

Then we lost touch....divorce can do that...I missed seeing you wasn't until Tese's funeral that I saw you all again....when I arrived to attend the service, I was greeted with profound joy and love by Kath and Jeannie, it was heartwarming to see that they missed me as much as I missed them:>

I'm so grateful that we reconnected!!

....Which reminds me of another story, one that always comes to mind whenever I think about Jeannie and the girls...

...before everything was so digitally connected....

Jeannie was very pregnant with twins, and had to be monitored regularly...thanks to "modern technology", it could be done over the phone,,,not a cordless phone or cell phone, but a "real" phone, that had the round mouth piece so Jeannie could attach a device that sent the girls heartbeats to the doctor by holding the phone to her very large belly...its not a funny or silly story, it just a very distinct memory I have of you, Jeannie, so big and uncomfortable, yet still so sweet and friendly, struggling to sit down on the LOW couch, next to the phone that was attached with a cord, that sat on the end table in Tese's living room in Larchmont... so many years ago...we have all been through a lot since then...thank you for all your support, love and friendship along the way.

Sorry I don't have any pictures to send this time...I'll see what I can dig up..they are literally buried under boxes, behind spare bed, next to stored drums, in the corner of my room.

You are always in my thoughts and much love to you all.

xoxo Timu

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Hi Mommy

Thinking about how much fun we had this afternoon! We attended the coolest off-Broadway play a few years ago, with just 30 audience members in the basement of a church. We were full of laughs and cheers during the play, and during intermission you were brave enough to run onto the set to take a quick picture and had me join you :) I will always think of you and your love for spontaneous fun


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This picture will always remind me of a perfect summer evening. We ate endless summer fare (Ed’s mint potato salad!), laughed, and enjoyed everyone’s company as the water lapped below the deck and the sun set with a stunning array of colors. Kath gave all the girls tie dye sweatshirts to round out the evening. I will miss you, Jeannie, at these gatherings and in the pictures with the girls but somehow I know you will be there with us.

I will think of you when I have a cup of English Breakfast tea and when in a cozy setting - you have a gift for sharing the best of both. I will think of you on brilliant summer days and when I walk on the beach. And I will think of you when confronted with a parenting challenge or celebrating the good times. I will miss your kind and supportive calls or texts just when I need them.

Sitting at our table in California during one of your visits, we all wrote down what we would like to have more of in our lives. You said you would like to laugh more. I hope your wish came true. You seemed to laugh often and with ease. You deserved so much laughter and lightness as you navigated this tricky disease with your ever-present grace and strength.

Several years ago, you gave us a candle holder with the words on it, “Collect Moments, not Things”. That was classic you - the thoughtful gift as well as the message. It has sat on a shelf ever since. It is lit now and we are holding you close.

I am grateful for all you have brought to my life, Jeannie. I hope you are at ease knowing you are surrounded by your beautiful, loving family - Randall, Madeline, and Kayla who we will love and support always. May you rest well now. I imagine Tese will be waiting for you with a warm cup of tea. xoxo

All my love, Eve

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Gina, myself, Mike and Tim are devastated to hear such sad news. We all have such fond memories of our family gatherings, and were so happy that they continued after our Mom could no longer host them.

Jeannie, Randall, Kayla and Maddy, know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Don’t tell anyone else, but Jeannie was always my favorite Colloton.


Dear Jeannie,

You are beautiful and brave and I love you so very much. I am thinking about you, Randall and the girls and all that you are going through. Know that we are with you in spirit and will always be with you. I am so proud and humbled to be your brother. I will be there soon and love you.

Your loving brother,



Dear Jeannie,

I’m writing to tell you just how much I love you and what wonderful memories I have with you. Some of my most treasured memories are spending time with you, Randall and the girls.

I will never forget how cool I thought I was coming from Colorado to see NYC. I remember being in complete awe every time in how you navigated the traffic and people throughout the city.

I often think back to the many times sitting in your house talking, cooking, & most importantly drinking tea. I always lover your display of Nanny’s hats & trying them all on. I still have the black & white one you gave me years ago.

I am so thankful, I got to reunite & see you a couple years ago. It makes me so happy to think of our long walk through the park & great conversation.

You always have and always will be my coolest and most favorite auntie. I love you very much. Sending you, Randall, and the girls love, strength & blessings.




Dearest Jeannie,

I am sending all my love…I wish I could be there to tell you how much you mean to me and how much I cherish our friendship. I still remember meeting you for the first time in the parking lot of Ridgebury Elementary School. It was on our girls first day of kindergarten. We laughed and looked at each other and said, “now what?”

Since that day, you have been a constant, supportive presence in my life and I am so very grateful for you. There is no one else I know who can write such an eloquent thank you note. I have such wonderful memories of sailing to Block Island with all the kids, steaming crabs at my house, sharing a cup of tea in your beautiful home full of the smell of homemade Christmas cookies, meeting in town for dinner dates with Gregg and Randall.

You are an inspiration Jeannie…your strength, courage, grace and faith are unbreakable my sweet friend. You have enriched my life with your kindness and love. It is by far one of the greatest gifts, I have even been given.

Love you always,




I don’t know if I’ve ever thanked you for holding my hands all of Thanksgiving Day 1984 and teaching me how to walk. My mom has said that you sacrificed nearly the entire holiday and I’m grateful as it is a skill I use almost daily.

I know that that you are going into hospice tomorrow and I am praying that you are all wrapped in a peace that surpasses all understanding. I also pray that when more difficult emotions come in waves, you can all hand them to a powerful God who is more than capable to help you with them all. We should all say, more liberally, if and when someone has touched our life and I genuinely can think of only a handful of people who have been as much of an example of grace and love.

In a family event of 50+ people, you were often one of the few who took the time and effort to genuinely check in, even when I was just one of a dozen kids running around. Please know how significant your presence has been in my life and I’m sure many many others. Thank you for the legacy of grace and love….and the walking thing!

All my love,


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Jeannie my sister, my best friend. We grew up side-by-side sharing a room until I moved home from college. Jeannie was the messy one, so we divided the room in half and I won the closet and she won the doll house. We made it from Norwalk to Larchmont, through stints with her hair…Aunt Mary cut it and I permed and she never recovered, through a million games of boxball and babysitting the neighbors, to surviving my teaching school in the basement and her 16th surprise party (she was furious with me), to being caught by mom in our room with friends and wine under her bed, to moving up and out and becoming best dressed and as neat as can be.

Then came Alison, and Randall and Jeannie and the high school prom. Rosemont and her best friends for life, a move to Baltimore to attend a better business school…but it was really to be with Randall – my parents gave a blind eye as long as it was in Baltimore, to surviving two months on and two month off to be covered in love each and every time Randall returned. Sailing with Randall parents, water balloons flying at Harborfest and crabs in Baltimore and soon to be up east, a move back north and a tough conversation with my parents, followed by Greenwich, a marriage proposal on my York Avenue balcony and dinner at Lion’s Rock, engagement pictures on the beach in Westhampton, a fabulous wedding and the greatest relationship and love of all time with Randall. Ridgefield soon beckoned.

Later a phone call …Randall and I can’t come to visit you in London as we are pregnant with twins – hooray! Jeannie confined to the couch watching I Love Lucy DVDs and laughing and laughing – maybe that is where the girls got their love of laughter. Kayla and Madeline arrived bathed in love and in the kitchen sink. A million car trips from Darien to Ridgefield, Ed rocking the girls, and me telling Jeannie their diapers are too small they are growing up. Then came the parenting group and her forever friends, led by Margie, they are still best friends for life. It took the girls more than a decade to discover who they were. She went from mentee to mentor and now she is the coach. Jeannie found her life’s purpose to coach others and she has made a difference in so many lives especially mine.

Some great things come to mind: dancing in the Brooks family room after Christmas dinner, both of us loving spaghetti Bolognese, Jeannie scouring NYC for the best restaurants for “core four” dinners, our trip to Florence and Italy for the girls graduation, church giggles with Mama, white stew with Uncle Jimmy, cheese platters for every occasion and no occasion at all, Big East dinners, Jeannie’s getting dressed each and every day in fashionable outfits and jewelry….she is the best dressed cancer patient, beautiful flowers in the Brooks house, her sailing excursions with Randall, her patience with the family animals the bunnies, the hermit crabs and now wonderful Nellie and Rosie, her ability to sit through 5 hours of ballet rehearsals and recitals three times in a row times so many years, giggles with Mama at Monty Python, hundreds of hours filled with love and my mother at Fox Hill and Ridgefield Crossings and fashion shows and wreath fests at Founders Hall, her real estate stories, and Jeannie and Randall sailing and laughing and smiling and sailing some more and Jeannie’s tea, tea and more tea.

Jeannie’s capacity for love is something we all admire most. She convinced my mother to move to Ridgefield in 2000 to help care for Kayla and Madeline as they were entering kindergarten and to join her in real estate, but in reality, it was Jeannie who wanted to care for my mother. And care she did. She almost gave her life to ensure my mother was well cared for, but she set an example for us that no love is too great. It got much easier when we graduated from college and somehow went from terrible teens to both being best friends with my mom. So much shopping, and laughing and always finding a restaurant for lunch, no matter the shop. I will never forget when Jeannie discovered her new found thrift store finds were previously worn clothes.

Jeannie accepted John into our lives as soon as I introduced him and you made him feel loved and very much an integral part of this family. He immediately won the girls over with the starbucks candy canes, that’s for sure.

Our life has been filled with extended family and vacations and always the beach. I just found out your favorite perfume is called the beach – how fabulous is that. We have the greatest memories of summers spent in rentals in Southampton with 4 mothers, 19 kids and 4 kids to a bed and fathers on weekends. Lots of love and games with the cousins and fascination with just what exactly the older cousins were doing. This was soon followed by our own many times in Westhampton and Naples. First with mom and then without. So much love, so many memories.

Part One

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I am not sure why it took until we turned 50 to start doing solo sister trips, but it was Aunt Catherine and Ed and Eve that finally gave us a reason to travel on our own just the two of us. What special memories. In 2016 we flew to Ashville to see Aunt Catherine and keep the important McLoughlin family and sister connection alive. Year one having no idea where we were going we ended up in a terrifying flea bag motel where all we could muster was beers at a local bar and biscuits for breakfast, year 2 we found the trendy Windsor hotel in downtown Ashville and the Strada restaurant but mostly we found lots of love with Aunt Catherine and decorated her room with family pictures and shared St Patricks day decorations with her whole community – she adored it. Year 3 we discovered the Biltmore Estates courtesy of my new travel discount, we had made it, we filled ourselves with McLoughlin love and off we went back north.

In 2017 we headed west for a California visit with Ed, Reed, Greta, and Autumn, we so missed Eve who had to head East to help with her family. What a special Columbus Day weekend that was. They toured us around Mill Valley, showed us Mount Tom, introduced us to Stinson Beach and Terie came for a visit. We were filled with family love and off we headed back east.

One of the things we all admire most is Jeannie’s fight and determination to stay healthy… and she did just that, surviving as part of only 5% of patients who made it past two years much less the 7 years she is currently working on. From the onset of her 2013 diagnosis, she and Randall did everything imaginable to stay alive. She fought the health battle and Randall fought the research and the doctors battle and they won. It looked so effortless as she gave up sugar and carbs and started a healthy eating and exercise routine. The girls barely knew she was undergoing chemo and radiation as they prepared to graduate high school, again she made it look effortless. Always the fighter and always the victor. Off she flew to Paris and Italy for the girls graduation trip taking her chemo on the flight, she wasn’t going to give in. All these years and all the help and advice she gave countless glio patients and their families, even trying so hard to work for Joe Biden and sons Beau Biden foundation. Jeannie never gave in.

These last few weeks have been wonderful and the saddest of my life. Jeannie is still fighting to be with her adoring husband of 40 years. They have the most admired marriage and his loving care and attention now are exactly what has made Jeannie thrive these last 40 years. The couple that could not move “two steps” without each other in the 1980’s are still now two steps from each other lying side by side in the Ridgefield sunroom. Their love for each other has radiated from the very start and as someone else said they truly hit Lotto with their love.

What I smile about most is these two beautiful loving daughters Madeline and Kayla that Jeannie and Randall have raised. They manifest Jeannie and Randall in every wonderful way. You were tough and they are better for it, just like Mom was to us. They love to laugh and dress beautifully, and to share some cheese and some wine. They share your love of cooking, they are smart and successful, they hug you so tight, as the core four are so tight. Jeannie you can be so proud. I love that Margaret and Alex and Kayla and Madeline have each other. You and Alison will someday dance and laugh together watching these girls and their families grow up.

Jeannie as you sail off into fairer and I am certain warmer waters, be calm, be at peace, keep that grace you have always had. For soon, Randall, Kayla, Madeline, myself and all of us will join you for forever sunsets, cheese and crackers, wine, and lots of Jeannie love. Part Two

All my forever love, Kath

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When I think about Jeannie her strength in dealing with adversity comes to mind. Watching Jeannie battle cancer was truly extraordinary. Her determination to beat it provides a role model for all of us and it was matched by her discipline in fighting it. Her success was due factors that go beyond the drug trial. It was her discipline in sticking to a diet that made her forego numerous foods that most of us take for granted. It was discipline in sticking to an exercise regime that helped her manage the side effects of the drug trial, chemo, etc. It was her positive attitude that enabled her to face adversity without flinching. Most of all, it was her faith in her savior because she was willing to place herself in his care and not question why she was stricken but, how can she fulfill the Lord’s wishes. She did it by being a role model in confronting her illness with dignity and without self-pity. Crisis strips us to the core and reveals the true person and cancer revealed the inner Jeannie.

A Good Person describes Jeannie perfectly. The phrase describes the whole of the person. A good person understands and knows their self. A good person not only knows the difference between right and wrong but, uses it as a baseline for conducting their life. A good person does the right thing because they are guided by their better angel and consequently, does not worry about the outcome. Most of all, a good person understands what to value in life and never ceases to lose sight of it during the circle of life. That is Jeannie Brooks.


When you girls were about 5 years old I gave you M&Ms before breakfast, your mom wasn't happy, a true Uncle Buck kinda moment.

How about the day on Masonboro Island with the storm that wasn't supposed to happen.


Hi Jeannie,

It’s Sandra your nurse from Dr. Reardon’s office. I want you to know I am holding you tight in my heart and prayers. I have been thinking about your visits to Dana Farber. When we would meet it was more like a girl’s night out catching up. I was supposed to be supporting you but you always focused on me. “How’s your daughter Cate? Oh she’s looking for a job at Wayfair. We have a dear friend there. We can help.” Your clothes, shopping, Kayla and Madeline in New York, raising daughters – the stories. Laughing in the waiting or exam room.

It meant so much to me that we kept in touch, texting and you coming to my new floor to visit so the catch up and counsel continued. I am in awe of your beauty and generous heart. Sending you so much love and prayer. I love you and I am for sure a better nurse for having met you! Rest now.


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Dear Jeannie,

Here is a selection of some of the fun times we have all shared going back to the 80's, what a trip! How lucky was I to make friends with Kath and then get another great friend in you-what a deal!

Will never forget that crazy boat trip marking the centennial celebration of the Statue of Liberty-baking in the summer sun all day, waiting for the nighttime fireworks.

How spoiled were we sailing around the Carribean in a J-51 sailboat with a captain and chef! Nothing was too good for our crew ;)

Found some pics of your shower & lovely wedding; the first time I introduced Jean at an official event, he still remembers it well.

Then you and Kath at our wedding almost 30 years ago. And finally Luc, Kayla and Madeline at the duck pond. I was trying to find the adorable photo at our house in East Hampton of the three of them sitting on the front porch in their pj's- I'll keep looking.

While living abroad for so long we didn't see all of you as much but we always managed to keep our friendship going, it was still so special when we did. I remember missing you more when I did see you since it brought back all the closeness we had shared in the past. That's what makes friendships that go way back so amazing.

I am blessed to have such an incredible friend in my life, you are a model of strength, courage and dignity but especially of what love means.

Jean, Luc and I hold you tightly and close to our hearts- we love you dear Jeannie.

Hey Jeannie,

I just wanted you to know that though we are far away we keep you very close to our hearts and always will. Knowing you were there for me and taking the time to write when I was going through a terrible time in my life gave me a lot of strength to see it through- it is always wonderful to know we are loved. I will keep you in my thoughts; sending prayers of support and strength to you, the girls, Aunt Kathy and Randall. I have many special moments I can look back at and treasure, you guys were always our extended US family and I hope you know you still are.

Love Luc


The old neighborhood (11 Ellsworth Road) where it all began for me.

It was the new house in the suburbs after living in the "woods" of Norwalk where your Mom was born.


The dogs. We had a lot of them. There was the one that ate every single one of Momma's new kitchen cabinets when we were away. There was murphy, who attached himself to Drew Rover's behind. Then there was Fonzi, Momma's favorite.

There was the neighbor across from our driveway who took any ball that went into their yard. One mischief night, we set upon his car to exact years of revenge. We deflated his tires, soaped the windows, covered the car in shaving cream, and put a bumper sticker on the back that said "look out America, we are out to change your diaper". He left the car there for a week. Momma struggled mightily to not let on that she thought it was hysterical. Years later, she told us that she never let on to him that she knew who did it - and she loved it!

Boxball on Ellsworth with the entire neighborhood.

Biking to the duck pond (watch out for low branches!)

skating at the duck pond

When the brook flooded and we all walked home from school in the rapids. Remember how high it got on Brookside Drive and the raging falls?

Hiding in the clubhouse under the stairs while mom showed the house to buyers.

The crib your younger brother Andrew had with the locking lid. He was never kept/babysat in there was he? lololol

More to come from our next chapter.........


Kathy included that you may want a prayer. I’m sure Jeannie knows The Chaplet of Divine Mercy and would probably be grateful to hear it prayed for her. If you don’t know it, it’s quite easy, repetitive and said on the rosary to keep track, please google it and say it for your Mom. I will also be saying it for her❤️

I’ve known and loved your mom ever since I met your Aunt Kathy in college. She is tremendously sweet and supportive, always fun! She was always in NYC for Big East with us and her string bean casserole will never be forgotten, not for what you all think but because your aunt and I thought it was hilarious!

When Jeannie found out she was having twins I believe I gave her our crib and was petrified that meant I’d get pregnant again! You all had a nice trip to Spring Lake when you were babies that I’ll always remember, somewhere there are pictures of my kids holding Kayla and Madeline. Fast forward to the wonderful 60th she planned for Kath and how beautiful she was that night, she pulled off a wonderful surprise for her best friend, 2 sisters were never closer. Jeannie, I love you, Anmer❤️


Upon first sight

You'd think Jeannie quiet

Blond haired, petite

observant and sweet

well mannered and polite

rarely up past ten at night

But if you happened by New Rochelle

this much I can tell

It was a dark afternoon in November

As far as I remember

Fake ID's and a smile got you in

To that den of sin

Where the keg was free until it was drunk

Then the beers were a quarter, who'd a thunk

Then came the Jeannie that took a chance

On to the table in a Larchmont dance

And all the cadets looked on in awe

Must be the twin of the girl they first saw

A gent from the South

With suds round his mouth

Mostly quiet as lamb

That man

Said, "howdy ma'am"

My name's Randall, will you be my waff

Some 'un like you, I'd like in my life

Jeannie saw those eyes of blue

and said, "I will, I will, I do, I do"

She fell for his charms

Literally into his arms

She wanted more

And moved to Baltimore

Randall wanted a child

Jeannie wanted more

And she got her way

When she picked up that stray

And he loves her to this day

Living in the Nutmeg State

in the happy home they did make

The daughters have moved out

Well, just about

If it wasn't for the dryer or the barbeque

They'd a been gone long ago

But they come by often of late

To have their mom tell them they're great

'Cause she's a mother that's fine

they'd say, 'most of the time'

She's raised them both well

Like the true southern belle

Poised and with grace

Well dressed and good taste

They carry their mother's values with them

And they'll pass those on to their children

As Delia did to Teresa her youngest child

And Teresa to Jeannie, her dear child.


Jeannie was going to ODU at the time and Randall's car was vandalized at the school. It went to a local repair shop on 21st street (I can't recall the name of the shop). It has been there for weeks and they had been giving Jeannie the run around on a regular basis. I recall taking her by there to check on the progress and your mom lit the owner up. She used all of her New York chutzpah to give him holy hell. I just stood by in amazement and watched her go at him. The car was repaired not too long after that episode.


So it took me years to know Madeleine from Kayla, probably 5 to ten years. I finally do know. Of course my first memorable instance, and favorite one, was at Halloween, when both of you asked for something from my visit to Salem, Ma. Well, I brought things back for you and then I got my present - the sweetest thank you cards, from each of you. One thanked me for making the house look “creepey.” The other one was sweet too. I spent time today looking for them, but not luck. I’ll never forget though.

Well, after that there were many occasions when a little nothing was rewarded with more lovely thank yous. So where do thoughtful and admirable gestures like that come from? Well, obviously they come from decent warm wonderful people. Randall and Jeannie.

So now when I think of the Brooks’ I think of two friends, two wonderful parents to smart, gorgeous girls, two people who opened their doors to me as family and two people that run off to Paris once in a while, or God knows where else, to be together. I miss seeing you. Greg


saw the call go out for pics and stories… here’s what I could find and put together quickly:

For me, it all began when the band I was in - The Bad, Bad Blues Band – played the Circle K parties at the Maritime College bar (which Patrick organized as Circle K prez). Patrick’s cousin Jeannie kept showing up at all the parties with a bunch of her friends, and she became one of the “honorary Maritime party-people.” I remember her having a huge smile on her face whenever I saw her - looking like she was having the time of her life. Her beautiful energy beamed, and she created an amazing vibe being around her. I loved it when she and her friends came to Maritime. It meant we were having a great time!

After college, I got the distinct honor of hosting Randall & Jeannie’s Bachelor / Bachelorette part at our house in Annapolis. I had never heard of having the two parties together, but they insisted that they’d rather have one big party together rather than do them separately, so we definitely obliged them. It was 3 days and nights of fun, music, and who knows what else at our house in Bay Ridge Annapolis. The place was rockin’ the whole time. Trust me, a good time was had by all!!!

I was also honored to be in Randall & Jeannie’s wedding, though Uncle Maurie didn’t really appreciate catching Patrick and I putting plastic ants and a rubber mouse in the wedding cake. I do believe I made mention of uncle Maurie in the wedding video (which I vehemently deny to this day … I was framed I tell ya’… it was someone else who looked like me and just happened to be wearing the same tux as the rest of the wedding party… go figure… what’re the odds of that?!?!). Great wedding. I even got to play wipe-out on drums with the wedding band. I did pass out in my car for a short time during the reception though… just when they were taking pictures of all the Maritime guys… so Randall cut my face out of another picture and pasted it onto the group photo when he sent me a copy of the wedding pics… it was nice to be included (though his “photoshop” skills left a lot to be desired J).

Shortly afterward, Randall and Jeannie moved to Baltimore for a couple years. It was awesome! We lived in Annapolis and were just a 20 minute drive from them, and so we hung out together all the time. We had some of the best times ever. The 4 of us watched the 1986 super-bowl at R&J’s apartment when the Chicago Bears did the Superbowl Shuffle all over the New England Patriots. So many great times… It was sad when they moved north. The end of an era (though we did come up and visit them in CT a few times afterwards).

A few years later, it was our turn to get married. We had a very small wedding ceremony at our home in Annapolis with just a few of our closest friends and family. Of course, Randall & Jeannie were a part of that. They stayed at our house – they arrived quite late the night before the wedding, yet the “late-night party” began as soon as they arrived. I believe Randall & I and my dad also tapped the first keg of beer at around 11am the next morning while the ladies were getting dressed… a little pre-ceremony celebration. During our wedding ceremony, we asked everyone to share what marriage meant to them. I remember Randall & Jeannie giving very heart-felt and thoughtful replies (unlike my new mother-in-law who simply instructed me to “just put the damn toilet seat down and everything will work out fine.” Such a wise lady). After the ceremony, we had a huge party with all kinds of bands and hundreds of people (we had published an open invitation to our wedding party in our monthly music magazine … so, in a sense, we had sent out 10,000 invitations to our wedding party… and it felt like everyone showed up!) At the end of the night, the house was a complete disaster area. Diana & I slipped away to go on our “honeymoon” (a night in a local hotel which I believe Randall & Jeannie helped arrange). When we came back home the next day, the house was spotless. Randall & Jeannie and a few others had stayed up and cleaned the entire place – it was a miracle. That was the absolute best wedding gift ever!

In sum, Randall & Jeannie have been a part of the fabric of my entire adult life. Though we don’t see each other much any more, there’s never been a doubt in my mind that if either of us needed anything, we would be there for each other no matter what. I hope they both know that will always be so.

Thank you for all the years of friendship and laughter. I love you both more than you can imagine….

Big Hugs to You Both,

Larry & Diana Freed

Annapolis, MD

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Hey Jeannie,

I’m sending you this pic from the last day I spent with you and Randall, Coeli & James and Sharon and Ally on your boat...there was no wind and so hot but we still managed to have a great day and tons of laughs in between me trying to get tan!! It will always be so special to me..❤️ and miss you...❌⭕️❌⭕️


We used to live in Parkland, Florida. Our triplets entered 6th grade and I knew we needed to leave for better education. I was given the name of pair of realtors. The conversations between us were less than satisfactory. Almost condescending. I told the man that I was flying up alone to look at houses and would he mind if my friends in NY came along? He actually minded so much that he said that I should find myself another realtor!’

I was at once rethinking my desire to relocate. Apart from the schools, we had an excellent life. But my mom’s best friend’s daughter, Michele Fugazy, who lived in Ridgefield, contacted me and told me I had the wrong realtor and that I absolutely needed to contact the most wonderful realtor immediately. Her name is Jeannie Brooks.

I called her at once. What a breath of fresh air she was!! I told her I was coming up that weekend and would she mind if my friends came along? ‘Absolutely’ she said, ‘in fact its even better that way!’

So I flew up to NY and we joined my friends: Erika, Eileen, And Marybeth. They all bonded instantly. My friends had hilarious comments about every house we went into, including, ‘oh look at these countertops, midgets must have lived here!’ and, when descending to a very smelly basement, ‘someone certainly has a shoe fetish!’ The best was, ‘cool, so when cooking dinner you can also do your laundry!’ But nothing they said curbed Jeannie’s enthusiasm.

After seeing 5 houses in my price range, I was very frustrated. They all had significant issues. But Jeannie was undaunted. We talked on the phone that evening and I expressed my dismay at the houses we saw and said that maybe this was not meant to be. She told me, and I will never forget this, that Ridgefield needed people like me and we should keep trying. Which of course we did! And to fruition!!!

That was nearly 12 years ago and Jeannie has been my best friend in Ridgefield ever since. We walked, we dined we met for tea, and we never ran out of things to say. I would not have moved here but for her. And I have enjoyed every moment. She has shared all of my everything. I love her.



There are too many to count but some that are etched into my head forever:

1) I don’t have any pictures - but I know there are a lot to back me up somewhere….I just remember being in AWE of Jeannie when she was in High School/College…I would be at your house on Hazel Lane (hiding from my mother, no doubt) and you would breeze in & out with your long hair and, your sunglasses on your head like a headband, a fair isle sweater in the latest color combination and car keys jingling in your hand. You would be headed out somewhere and I would be so jealous - I thought your life was SO glamourous!!

2) Fox Hall / Gin Lane / Southampton. You and Anne Nowicki had your own language / world / relationship that Mary Ann & I were dying to be a part of. You had your little “mouse dolls” that had names & outfits, you had your full Eunice & Momma schtick that would send us all into fits of laughter. I also have vivid memories of us all dancing to the Beatles in the living room.

3) Our Christmas Eves together are very high on my list of cherished memories. You and Randall never failed to show up with the most amazing appetizers - always a highlight (especially for the Rote children). You would outdo yourselves each year. I could have sat around that table with all of you for hours and hours ……if only I didn’t have to unearth & wrap all of the hidden xmas gifts once the evening was over! xxoo Nadine


Of all the AMAZING memories of our summer rentals in the Hamptons with the McLoughlins (and Paul’s stray friends), I don’t think any can beat Jeannie and Anne playing Eunice & Mama.

Who thought that whole thing up?? That should have been a road show - at least on Johnny Carson. The same skit, over and over. Talk about good clean fun. Those were the best days!!! Xxooo

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Hello Jeannie,

I am thinking of the more recent times we met at RJ Julia Booksellers in Madison & caught up with each other while perusing their wonderful selection. We’ve had many, many great conversations over the years, sometimes with months & months in between. We always fell into each other’s lives so easily. I am very grateful for that. It’s a gift to be able to share things easily with someone you don’t see or talk to often. I will treasure our talks. But, of course, I also remember all the summers we spent together, playing all day at the beach or jumping in the pool. We had an easy friendship Jeannie. I will always smile at that. I love you. God bless you. Love, Anne

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Dearest Jeannie – I dream of our being together right now, sharing stories and catching up over a cup of tea. Our recent visits, whether in Ridgefield or New Canaan, are each a special, happy memory. I always looked forward to them. I want one more. Thank you for reaching out to set them up, or responding right away when I’d suggest a date. Somehow being together melted away long stretches of time when we wouldn’t see each other. We’d catch up over each of the kids, wrestle with at least one in a tricky or unsettled spot, then move on to Alex and Randall. Always there were memories of growing up, talk of siblings and how they were doing - Ed most recently being the furthest afield and living a life far away from our Connecticut routine. There was always summer to discuss – either recapping the highlights at the beach – Westhampton or Nantucket – or describing the one upcoming, glorious in our anticipation. There was invariably the mention of that exceptional Southampton summer on Gin Lane. That really was a seminal moment for our McLoughlin clan. How young we were - Good heavens! I know you’re surrounded by family, loved beyond measure and feeling peaceful inside with your deep faith and unmatched grace. You can count on the wise counsel you always gave others to guide you now. Those of us writing hold you close and treasure you as much as ever. We are there fully in spirit and share your lovely company in our hearts. Take good care, rest for now, and let’s visit for tea again as soon as we can. With all my love – Christine ❤

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I chose this picture to share with you today because I can remember it like it was yesterday. Both you and Kath helped me to organize a lunch for your mom and aunt Catherine (and we threw in Joe’s side too...Not sure why lol) at any rate, I remember thinking “what do I make, buy, and serve to this group?? Both you and Kath said “ Mom and Aunt Katherine LOVE quiche”!!! So I thought “hmmm who makes the best quiche for these two quiche connoisseurs??” So I ran to St. Moritz in Greenwich and bought a few, made a salad and served a ton of coffee. We all enjoyed one another so much that day. It meant a lot to me to have you over and I know Michael felt the same way. Clearly by the ages of Charlotte and Claudia in this picture, we were still in the thick of the daily grind of raising little ones, but you were a few years ahead of me and Kayla and Madeline were more independent. Hence the reason they didn’t join. So wish they had... and Randall too!!

Of all the cousins that I inherited by marriage you and Kath stole my heart! You have always been lurking in the side lines if I needed some really good solid parenting advice! I knew you took your job of parenting your two lovies pretty damn seriously! It’s evidence you were and still are a top notch Mom! One who deserved a pay check!! Your girls have turned out so incredibly well. They are smart, ambitious, loving and funny young women. You did good Jeannie!!

Which brings me to the time you and my brother Mark worked on “your reinvention” of yourself and your career. I love that you had the ambition to try again! To recreate! To think outside of the box! Mark enjoyed working with you throughout the entire process.

You have taught me probably more than you realize..

the obvious lesson.. parenting is tough but never stop working at it because the results come and it’s worth every exhausting moment!

But what you may not realize is that you taught me to fight hard in life! That although life will throw hard balls, you get up each and every day and persevere. You have never given up on yourself and that is quite a lesson! One that I am certain not only I will forever carry with me but many others who have known you!

I adore your wonderful family and I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives. I love you Jeannie.

Rest peacefully!



I still remember freshman year we had all arrived, “wet behind the ears”, trying to find our place. We lived in the dorm Kaul on the second floor with Sharon, Coeli and I think I met Jeannie because Sharon knew her from home. It was kinda comical because Jeannie’s roommate was this “stone pony” girl from Née Jersey named Esther. She was definitely a bit rough around the edges and I am not sure if she stayed at Rosemont past freshman year. I can’t remember what year it was that your mom left Rosemont, (I so secretly was always envious that she has the strength to leave), and kinda lost touch for a few years. This is the amazing part!! It had been quite a few years before I saw your mom and dad, but when I did it was fore life! I could talk to Jeannie for hours and hours, loving her sense of humor and perspective, but mostly her quiet manor. She loved to laugh and we always found something to laugh about. Jeannie always made me want to be like her, be a better person when I was with her and afterwards. I would love when I would get the call that you all were coming out and could we get together, even for a fast cup of coffee. Your mom, and dad, both always made me feel so special, so loved when I was in their presence. I sit here today, and can only smile (and cry a little) at the thought of a world without Jeannie. But, I realized we won’t be without Jeannie, she is just in another room. I believe you will send us little signs from above to let us know that you are still with us all. It never mattered how long between out visits, because the moment we would be together it was as though no time had passed. It will be that way again someday. I lost my mom when she was 54 and I know how hard this all is, I will be here forever, waiting to see you when ever you want or need. In the profound words of Winnie the Pooh, If there is ever a time when we cannot be together, remember that you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. And know that your mom (and dad) have given you the most incredible gifts to continue on with life, to love life like your mom always did. Jeannie will be so missed but I know that I will see her again someday and it will be as though no time had passed.

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Hi Jeannie (and Randall, Kayla and Maddie). I attached some of my Thanksgiving pictures that bring back too many good memories to even count (see photo Album for others). As the pictures will attest, Jeannie always had a smile on her face and only nice things to say. Don't tell the others, but you're my favorite Colloton! You're in our thoughts and prayers. We love you!!

Joe Nowicki and family

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THIS picture of the dazzling McLoughlin sisters should be hanging in a museum. Look at Aunt Tese right in the middle. Jeannie looks exactly like her!!! Darling and angelic.

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There was nothing more exciting than a summer trip to the Nowicki’s ... they had a pool! We thought they were loaded. Not one McLoughlin aunt could swim ... so they decided to put a harness on Jeannie ... on dry land! Of course, she smiled all day anyway. Some things never change! 🌞

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This is how I like to think of mom- relaxed and happy in the late August heat surrounded by flowers and sunshine. I think this picture truly captures her heart

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Jeannie- does this sum up the good days, or what? Well, maybe a little white wine or champagne and a few nibbles.. but only YOUR creations.. crab cakes, scallops w/bacon, the perfect salad, crusty bread and cheese? It isn’t just catching up at Christmas that I cherished with you..those summer days on the beach, giving your mom and all the aunts heart attacks as we swam the big surf, and drove them to cocktail hour with our “fresh” sass. Employment at the NYAC? Priceless. Time with you has always been the gift that keeps on giving. Every sip of tea I toast you and all you’ve done in your life, hurdles be damned. And always too humble. Keeping the wheels turning, the girls and Randall, your parents and siblings, always your top priority with energy and love to spare for all who needed it. And you always know exactly when. Sweet dreams always. Peace in your gigantic heart and quick mind always and, above all, know that it’s your turn to rest and to be taken care of - no, spoiled - as no one deserves it more. Smothering you, Madeline and Kayla, and Randall with love and prayers. Kath, Ed and Andrew as much. Picturing you with your mother and father, with Alison, with father Peter and knowing with all my heart that you will be adored always as you are every second with us. Thank you forever and ever, Jeannie. I love you. - Mary Ann

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I am having a hard time writing this because my heart is so sad for all of you and so sad for us, her friends, who love her. The picture I am sending is one of the “roses” having a covid zoom call to check in on each other, we would do it for all of our bdays and just to chat! I love these because we all look so happy and are laughing, as I have had cancer 2 times, Jeannie is always there to make me feel loved and supported, she always said “stay strong, you are so loved” we have that bond and she is truly one of the kindest, most lovely human beings I have ever had the pleasure of being friends with. She is my hero. I love you so much Jeannie ❤️ Barb

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I'm attaching a picture from a remarkable, lovely evening in December 2018 from an evening at Sharon and John's. I remember it was sometime during the week between Christmas and New Years. We gathered at the Lilly's for a relaxing, fun evening, and it was just that. Nothing especially remarkable happened, just a group of friends sharing laughs, conversation and an amazing meal (of course, the Lilly's, you know haha). We all enjoyed ourselves, basking in the glow of holidays, and in the comfort and ease that naturally comes with years of friendship...which upon reflection, is remarkable in itself.